A Revolutionary Event Platform

Build a community for people & companies to learn, explore, and grow

Create opportunities for your members

Generate value 365 days a year

Curate and cultivate your digital community with a powerful matchmaking system that connects people to opportunities.

  • Promote Featured and Recurring Events
  • Account & Company Profiles
  • Push Notifications + Bulletin Posts
  • Applications and Submission Reviews

Promote Events

Keep members up-to-date

Highlight events right when they log in on both web and mobile apps. Get creative and make a custom banner image that catches their eye.

Powerful Profiles

Make life simple — register, connect, meet

Get your attendees in quick: import accounts, send magic links, and enable innovative tap-to-register functionality.

Digital Megaphone

Push info to your community immediately

Notify your members about changes to your event, scheduled alerts, or simply where the coffee is located (always important!).

Submission Management

Grants, awards, applications, RFPs

Forms are a robust tool to collect and review information with your team. Receive unlimited data points by using question types such as multiple choice, conditional questions, file upload, tag selection for matchmaking, and more.

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