JodieAnn (Boyd) Cady, CMP, CTA, CMM

Connect Space, Team Experience Director

Published on February 3, 2020

What Is Your Attendee’s Registration Experience?

Think about it; the first interaction with an event is the registration process. That moment when a prospective attendee decides they are going to attend your event and clicks that Register Now button... but when was the last time you thought about that experience from the attendee’s perspective? Have you evaluated if the conference registration packages are easy to understand? Does the attendee’s information populate from their record if they are already a member or have an account? Are you capturing data that will give you the ability to serve their needs at the event? Do you share with them the terms of service for your event? Can you offer promo codes to aid with marketing? Do you allow them to ask questions of you? Are you getting the level of service from your registration provider that you needed?

As planners, we spend hours reviewing details, designing room sets to facilitate interaction, selecting food and beverage that follow the latest trends, partnering with audiovisual for creative staging and lighting, all to make the biggest impact on the attendee experience. And doing all of this within our budget! Yet, when was the last time you reviewed your registration platform, casting an eye toward the impact it is making on the attendee, and by association, you?

I’ve been the attendee that has struggled with the registration process for an event. I experienced an error on my name badge, and the onsite system could not correct it. For the record, the error was the registered trademark in the company name that came through has a question mark, which was an odd error to me. What was even stranger was that they couldn’t fix it. I have also been the planner who researched and assessed the best registration platform for the association that I worked for at the time.

Connect Space was and still is the fit. The Connect Space team takes their dedication to increasing the engagement of attendees beyond the registration process through registration data and their meeting app. They are collaborative and always advancing the platform to meet what the industry demands. When we needed to implement a way to scan attendees in and out of education sessions for license renewal requirements, they had a solution. When we needed to integrate member data automatically into the registration process, they had a solution. That is what a partnership should be.

So, ask yourself before you order those LED lights to uplight your black drape (remember black is the absence of color, so the lights don’t show on it), would it be a better attendee experience if you put that money toward a great registration experience for your attendees? I believe you’d find the answer to be a resounding YES by partnering with Connect Space!